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Dec 8 / admin

A bunch of dives are closing, and some have already shuttered

New York City’s Best Dive Bars has only been out for a couple of months, but already many of the bars I chronicled have closed down. Freddy’s, course, went under just before publication. That was just the beginning.

I tried to stop in for a drink at Lazy Catfish in Williamsburg not long ago, only to see it shuttered.

Beloved Coney Island spot Ruby’s was evicted not long ago.

The legendary Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge is no more.

Now, it looks like Mars Bar may temporarily shutter, and then move to a bigger space, which would mean it would, essentially, not be the Mars Bar anymore.

Oh, and The New York Times thinks Nassau Bar is threatened by gentrification.

Also, anyone heard from Puerto Rico USA Bar? I haven’t been by recently, but their web site is down, and no one answered when I called.

I guess the bottom line is, don’t put off visiting that “legendary” dive you’ve always heard about. Because it might be gone tomorrow.